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Staffing Solutions

For clients with variable staffing needs, we provide “surge” capacity staffing. In such situations, we can provide a highly qualified professional on a full or part time basis to support specific initiatives, including annual strategic planning/budgeting processes, one time internal initiatives, or periodic M&A scans. These professionals will seamlessly plug into your team and provide significant additional horsepower to your team.


By partnering with us, you are able to keep your organization leaner and overall staffing levels lower, while retaining the flexibility to ramp up a larger team as project needs dictate. In addition, we typically work with you to retain the same professional on your team over time, thus providing you continuity of personnel over the long-term.


In most instances, our clients find that the overall total cost of partnering with us is lower than the overall fully loaded cost of bringing on an incremental headcount and that the experience level of the person we can provide is much higher.