Providing Strategic Consulting, Staffing & On-Demand Business Analysis services

Why Us

In today’s economy, getting more from a limited set of resources is becoming increasingly important.  While departmental budgets continue to shrink, the demands on those departments is not changing.  Managers are finding it difficult to allocate the headcount to hire the necessary people to support day to day tasks or secure the budget to engage high quality consulting firms to assist with critical projects.  Clearly, an alternative model that achieves high quality results at lower overall costs is needed.


Here is where Strategy Insights Group can help.  We work with smart and highly capable organizations with a clear understanding of their needs and provide them with cost-effective strategy support solutions.  Once we understand your needs, we tailor a targeted and flexible solution that delivers exactly what you need – no more, no less.   As a result, Strategy Insights Group is able to provide high quality consulting services at a total overall cost that is often a fraction of most large full-service consulting firms and is often comparable to or lower than what it would cost to keep a full-time employee on staff.


The chart below shows some of the key benefits of various staffing options.


Comparison of key benefits



Examples of situations where we could be an excellent fit include:


 You need a discrete and clearly scoped analysis completed – Sometimes you know exactly what analysis or project you want done, but just don’t have the capacity or internal capabilities to execute against it in a timely fashion.  In these situations, we can leverage our internal capabilities and network of experts to work with you to rapidly deliver the precise analysis you want  done.


 You need long-term “surge” capacity – If you have a highly variable workflow in your group and need assistance managing the workload during the intense periods, we offer flexible staffing solutions and on-demand business analysis services that enable to you to keep your overall staffing levels lower while being able to meet the resource demands during more active periods.  In addition, our subscription model keeps the same personnel assigned to you over time, avoiding the need to continually bring someone up a learning curve and enabling our professionals to have immediate impact.


 You need occasional targeted expertise – Sometimes, you don’t have resource issues, but may find that you don’t have the necessary expertise in-house to do a thorough job on a specific type of analysis.  Instead of hiring an expensive consulting firm, we are able to provide advisory services on specific areas at a much more cost-effective rate.


There are a number of other situations where we can provide the right combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.  If you have a specific need, please contact us to understand if we may be able to provide the right solution for you.