Providing Strategic Consulting, Staffing & On-Demand Business Analysis services

Our firm

Strategy Insights Group partners with highly capable organizations to provide high quality, flexible, and cost-effective strategy consulting, staffing and support packages.  Unlike many traditional consulting firms which require you to engage full teams for a fixed period of time, we provide support solutions that fit your precise needs over time – no more, no less.  As a result, you obtain top-notch strategy consulting support in increments that make sense for your organizational needs with the flexibility to easily ramp up and down as project needs dictate.


Our core team consists exclusively of former senior consultants from McKinsey & Company.  We supplement those capabilities with a national network of top consultants with various expertise areas, enabling us to provide you with a wide range of capabilities and skill sets.  In addition, we leverage relationships with a number of offshore service providers to further lower the costs of routine tasks.


As a result, we are able to deliver top notch, customized strategy work at extremely cost-effective price points relative to traditional consulting firms, while providing you with the depth and flexibility that are difficult to achieve through traditional employment models.